Bhagya Lakshmi 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Karishma plans to keep Rishi away from Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update


6/9/20234 min read



The Episode starts with Neelam and Virender welcoming the guests. The guest appreciates their values and customs, and for setting an example for getting their bahu’s marriage done. Dadi tells that Lakshmi has taken care of the house, more than their daughter would do. Virender says some relations are more than blood relations. Shalu and Bani come there. Shalu says Chachi is coming with Neha. Virender asks if they are fine. Bani says lets see until when we will be patient. They hear Karishma and Kiran talking that they have done so much to send Lakshmi from here. Kiran says we are hoping to get rid of her and she might be stuck with this house like a gum. Lakshmi wears the bangles and it falls down. Rishi comes there and looks at Lakshmi. Song plays…kaise tujhko yeh bataye…..

Rishi gives bangle to lakshmi, and holds her chin. He says you are looking very beautiful and says nobody bad sight shall fall on you. He applies kajal behind her ear. Their moments are shown. Shalu and Bani look at them. Shalu says they love each other a lot, and then also thinks of separation for each other’s happiness. Bani says their happiness lies with each other. Lakshmi asks Rishi to go and says if anyone sees then. Rishi asks if this is the matter or something else. He says I will go. They turn and then face each other. Rishi says today is your engagement, first step of going far from me, and then marriage will happen. He says I….and tells in her heart that he loves her a lot and wants to give her every happiness of life. Lakshmi thinks this is written in destiny. Rishi says whoever has written our destiny, why wrote this. He wipes her tears and goes.

Ayush tells himself that he is genius and says Shalu and Bani shall be here. Shalu and Bani come there. Ayush welcomes them. He says he has cracked the plan. Shalu asks if he planned to stop the engagement. Ayush jokes and says he has three plans. He shows the paper chits. Shalu says you are jhalla. He says he has written three plans, and shall pick one for execution. He asks Shalu to select one and says engagement will break anyhow, then how marriage will happen. Vikrant is in the car with his parents and thinks what happened to her today. Vikrant’s father asks Anjana to call saloni and asks her where is she? Anjana says Saloni is matured enough. They select the plan and it is to kidnap Vikrant. Shalu scolds Ayush.

Bani reads another chit and says kidnap Lakshmi. Ayush says it is best. Shalu checks the third plan and says kidnap Shalu. She says she will kidnap Ayush and asks how you will kidnap me? Ayush says you will come to me if I say lovingly. Bani says these plans are waste. Shalu scolds him and asks what will happen after kidnapping. She says when we leave him/her, then they will return and get engaged. She says she has planned good and tells that she planned to do some abshagun just as Vikrant and his family come, and then Neelam will stop this engagement. Ayush says you are doing the same mistake and says marriage will be postponed and not canceled. He says Neelam doesn’t care with Lakshmi’s shagun or abshagun. He asks what she was telling him. He then flirts with her. Bani says we shall make some good and logical plan, and always remember that they love each other a lot. She says now we have to stop this engagement and asks them to think, and goes. Shalu asks Ayush to think about the plan.

Lakshmi takes her mangalsutra and gets sad. Bani comes there. Lakshmi keeps it back. Bani says this mangalsutra suits well of Rishi jiju’s name. Lakshmi asks her where is Shalu? She asks if she is again planning something with Ayush. Bani asks her to think that they will remember the promise made to Bau ji.

Neelam tells Karishma that the attack day is today and tells that she is worried for Rishi. Rishi thinks if the attack was of knife just and hopes Lakshmi gets safe. Karishma tells Neelam that she has done arrangements to keep Rishi away from Lakshmi. She says I have mixed tablet in Rishi’s juice and sent Sonia there. Sonia brings juice for Rishi with Mukesh. Rishi feels strange that Sonia came to give juice. Sonia says I am your sister. Karishma tells Neelam that she has sent Sonia to make sure that Rishi drinks the juice, and tells that she didn’t tell her everything. Sonia says she knows that he will be hurt as Lakshmi is going, but this is best. She asks him to focus on Malishka. Rishi thinks about his love confession to Lakshmi. Sonia asks him to drink juice. He drinks juice. Sonia gets up and goes. She sees Ayush and Shalu talking in the former’s room and comes there. She tells Ayush that Shalu might be planning to come here, as elder sister is being kicked out. Shalu says I don’t think like you, and secondly she is not interested in her brother. Ayush says if we are interested, then will not ask you. Sonia says you are Lakshmi’s puppet and might be planning to stop this engagement. She says nobody can stop this marriage. –


Precap: Anjana says to Vikrant what happened? did you change your mind? Vikrant gets a call. Rishi says to himself after sometime then Lakshmi will go far away from me. Neelam says to Lakshmi whatever happens, you will stay away from Rishi and if he tries to get close to you, you will go far away from him. A lady says to Vikrant and Lakshmi, you two are made for each other. Rishi is unconscious, lying on bed